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Tool preparation

The process begins with modifying the original Gray tool to be insulated in order to meet the ASTM F-1505 standards. The goal is to ensure the tool operator is unable to contact any exposed metal that could potentially be energized during the normal operation of the tool.

Insulation Process

Once the preparation phase is completed each tool moves to the insulation process. Insulating is a multi-step process that meets or exceeds the ASTM F-1505 standards for insulating adhesion, dielectric properties, flammability, and durability. In the final stages the insulated tool is trimmed, cleaned and polished. Most of the steps in the insulating process require a precise and often lengthy amount of curing time to achieve optimum results.

Individual Tool Testing

With insulation the process completed, each tool is then subjected to a series of tests to ensure compliance to ASTM F-1505. The goal of these tests is to insure the adhesiveness of the insulating material under a variety of temperatures and conditions as well as making sure each tool meets or exceeds the dielectric minimums set forth in the specifications. Only after a tool has passed every exhaustive test is it laser engraved with the ASTM F-1505 double triangle symbol and the year the tool was insulated.

Our Goal -100% Protection

Each Gray insulated tool is double insulated to ensure maximum protection for the operator. In addition to providing protection to up 1000V the dual colored insulation also serves as an added visual safety indicator. Under the orange top layer of insulation is a second yellow layer. Should the yellow layer be visible through the outer orange layer the user is immediately alerted that the tool is no longer safe and must be discarded.

4 Reasons To Choose Gray Tools

Quality at the Core

Underneath 2 layers of protective insulation is the same Gray tool professionals have trusted since 1912. People who do extraordinary work for essential service providers such as Ontario Hydro, Bell Canada, Toronto Transit, General Electric and many other industrial facilities across Canada trust the quality and dependability of Gray tools.

Highly Customizable Assortment

A special partnership with a domestic insulation specialist combined with our manufacturing capabilities gives us the unique ability to insulate almost any tool in our assortment quickly and efficiently.

If your job requires an insulated tool that is not part of the current insulated tool assortment, let us know and we'll insulate it for you.

Tool kits are a convenient way to have all the insulated tools you need, all the time. If our standard tool sets don’t meet your requirements, we can design and build one that does meet your specific needs.

Lifetime Warranty

Apart from offering a wide assortment of insulated tools, Gray Tools has always stood behind its tools the same way you stand behind the quality of your work. We’ve spent over a century earning your trust. A trust that we value and have always supported with a lifetime guarantee.

Exceptional Service

Gray insulated tools are available through a network of specialty industrial retailers. For over 100 years, the most demanding users expecting professional grade quality and selection, dependability and immediate availability have relied on Gray Tools.

Fortunately, these specific needs are exactly what our distribution partners have built their business on. The entire range of insulated tools is also available online at

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