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Introducing New Micro Adjustable and Dial Type Torque Wrenches

These precision torque tools are ideal for a wide variety of heavy-duty applications. Every torque wrench comes factory tested confirming it's within specification and ready for immediate use. The new assortment is available in a variety of drive sizes, scales and torque ranges. All models are fully serviceable making them an investment for life. 

Standard Features On All New Models:

  • Meet or exceed ASME B107.14-2004, ISO 6789 standards
  • Individually serialized with matching factory certificate of calibration traceable to N.I.S.T.
  • Fast, accurate and easy to set in any workplace
  • Can be used to torque fasteners in both clockwise and counter clockwise direction
  • Include plastic storage case.

To learn more about the micro-adjustable torque wrench program click here. To discover the dial type assortment click here.